In the vintage car world, and with classic car enthusiasts, there are varying schools of thought when the term “restomod” is bandied about. “What is a restomod?” Wrenchers LLC explains to our classic car owners it’s a relatively new mode of restoration among car collectors that combines classic car looks with modern car convenience. As the name implies, restomod embraces a combined restoration and modification project.

“Survivor” cars – those rescued from obscurity or brought back to life with a complete, frame-off restoration – are at one end of the spectrum of the vintage car restoration ideal. A restomod project “Frankensteins” old and classic car styling and body parts with new technology. This is thought – by some — to be the “best of both worlds” for classic car lovers who want to embrace new tech – like electric vehicle technology. Restomod enthusiasts believe when they have a vehicle that matches the classic style and aesthetic they love with modern-day performance, reliability and comfort that the car of their dreams is parked in their driveway.

The beauty of a classic car is, well, because it’s classic…vintage…unique. But let’s face it, vintage cars weren’t always as comfortable as drivers wished they were. They also didn’t have the safety features today’s cars are equipped with to protect the driver and passengers. If you’re accustomed to having power steering or brakes, you won’t get that in a classic car unless you invest in extensive upgrades or go the restomod path.

What Is A Restomod?

The idea of a restomod isn’t completely new. Car enthusiasts and professional vehicle restoration mechanics remove and replace engines and update and upgrade interiors and wheels to get the vintage car that suits their unique ideal.

The difference in a professional restomod project is that rather than the backyard car enthusiast scouring junk yards and online auction sites for parts to cobble together, the pro uses new parts specifically designed for restomodding.

With the introduction of new stock parts, the professional builder adds in modern performance and also has the ability to return the car to a stock state because they can retrofit original parts. The restomod wave started with niche parts like air conditioning kits to make long road trips more enjoyable. The trend has moved into transformation into electric vehicle tech, digital gauges and more. Many of the upgrades in a restomod are for both safety and comfort on longer-distance drives or to make the vintage car more usable as a daily-use vehicle.

In addition to car parts, what are other projects a restomod specialist could do for your car?

  1. Install disc brakes
  2. Add newer transmissions
  3. Upgrade vehicle suspension
  4. Addition of tech usable with smartphones and other digital devices
  5. Electronic fuel injection engines (EFI)
  6. Electronic ignition system
  7. Air conditioning
  8. 12-volt system upgrade
  9. Radial tire upgrade

As with most vehicle restoration projects, the classic car owner needs to set their budget for both time and money. A full vintage car restoration to its original condition can be a long and expensive journey. A traditionalist vintage car enthusiast won’t likely ever embrace a restomod vehicle. The modernist classic car owner is middle-of-the-road when it comes to comfort and adherence to traditional vintage vehicles.

Whether you’re looking for a complete frame-off restoration or want to talk restomod with our classic restoration vehicle specialists, give Wrenchers LLC a call – let’s talk cars.

At Wrenchers LLC, we are classic, antique and hot rod enthusiasts, and that shows in the craftsmanship of our vehicle restorations. Whether you choose a full frame-off, traditional restoration or custom work for your vehicle, our experienced restoration professionals listen to you and work on your vehicle with the same care they take with their own. When your keys are handed over and you slide behind the wheel after your car has been restored, you will be hitting the road in the vehicle of your dreams.