Is it worth it to have a frame-off restoration of your classic car? Will your vintage vehicle benefit from a frame-off restoration performed by Wrenchers LLC? If you have ever wondered, “what are the steps of a classic car frame-off restoration?” we have the answers.

We get asked that question all the time, and we also get asked, “what does a frame-off restoration cost?” The answer we must give is, “it depends.” Because your vintage or classic car or truck is unique, the process of the frame-off restoration is as well. It’s not one-size-fits-all, and answering that question would be like answering the question of “how much does a car cost?” Again, it depends on the model, make, accessories and so much more.

What the highly experienced frame-off restoration professionals from Wrenchers LLC can tell you is that if you opt for this particular service, you will drive away with a vintage or classic vehicle that will be as good as the day it came off the assembly line.

The steps of a classic car frame-off restoration

What is a frame-off restoration?

When you choose this type of vehicle project, it means our technicians will remove the body of the car from its frame. Once the body has been removed, we will strip the finish of the frame and thoroughly inspect it for broken welds, rust, cracks and more.

We will refinish the frame with durable, highest-quality primers and paint because we know you want your newly restored vehicle to look great for decades.

One of the main benefits of the frame-off restoration is that once we can see the frame, our technicians have easier access to install new fuel lines and brake pads more efficiently. The undercarriage of your classic vehicle will also be stripped and restored.

What is the timeline of a frame-off restoration?

Again, these are just estimates because every vehicle and every frame-off restoration is unique.

  1. Up to 45 hours to disassemble the body
  2. Up to 40 hours to disassemble the brakes, frame, suspension and steering
  3. Up to 35 hours to clean up and paint the body
  4. Up to 25 hours to disassemble, then reassemble, the drivetrain and other accessories
  5. Up to 200 hours to clean, prime and repaint the body, under-car, under-hood and trunk

There are other items that go into the frame off-restoration, but these are the steps that take up most of the process. As a high-end estimate, you’re looking at about 500 hours for our technicians to perform a highly specialized and unique frame-off restoration for your classic car.

What other restoration items will Wrenchers LLC undertake when your vehicle is in its frame-off state? Here are a few:

  1. Glass work
  2. A/C repair and replacement
  3. Fuel system inspection and repair
  4. Body repair
  5. Metal fabrication, repair and replacement
  6. Rebuilding the engine
  7. Electrical inspection and repairs
  8. Rust removal and repair
  9. Sanding, priming, painting and buffing
  10. Fine detail work

This seems like an overwhelming list of items that go into a frame-off vehicle restoration; we get it. But you can rest assured that when you bring your vintage car or truck in and talk with one of our experienced service and body mechanics, we will spend time with you and gain an understanding of the vision of the finished project. We will tailor your project from start to finish as a one-of-a-kind project because each vintage and classic car is unique and deserves unique attention and care.

At Wrenchers LLC, we are classic, antique and hot rod enthusiasts, and that shows in the craftsmanship of our vehicle restorations. Whether you choose a full frame-off, traditional restoration or custom work for your vehicle, our experienced restoration professionals listen to you and work on your vehicle with the same care they take with their own. When your keys are handed over and you slide behind the wheel after your car has been restored, you will be hitting the road in the vehicle of your dreams.