Owners of vintage and classic cars and trucks love nothing more than taking them to car shows and showing their babies off! Vintage car owners understand how much joy it brings to have their cars on display and to look at the classic cars and trucks of other collectors. What should you consider when taking your vintage car to a show? We have 5 tips.

  1. Get there early. If there aren’t any designated parking spaces, you can grab the best parking space and get your vehicle ready to be seen!
  2. Make sure your car is ready. Before you get on the road and attend a car show, make sure your own vintage car or truck is in tip-top condition. Wash and wax it. Top off the fluids. Clean the interior until it’s gleaming. It might make sense to bring a clear car cover or use a clear car bra when you’re traveling to keep any bug detritus off the car.
  3. Research the best car show for you and your car. Remember, not all vintage car and truck shows are created equally. There are small, local shows; there are model-specific or even decade-specific shows and there are those that are nationally recognized on the vintage vehicle circuit. Know what’s best for you and for displaying your car.
  4. Get to know the crowd. Meet the organizers. Make small talk with the other vehicle owners. What better place to discuss your passion than with other vintage vehicle lovers and collectors?
  5. Above all – have fun! A car show is not only a great way to show off your car and all the restoration you’ve put into it, but it’s an ideal place to make connections and build relationships. Relax. Have fun. Get the most out of the chance to display your car or truck.

Taking Your Vintage Car To A Show: 5 Tips

Here are a few more tips that are great for people who are new to the vintage car show circuit or a great reminder for long-time vintage car pros.

  1. Capture the memories.
  2. Bring something comfortable to sit on – the days can be long.
  3. Don’t forget snacks and drinks.
  4. Sunscreen and a hat and sunglasses should be part of your traveling accessories.
  5. Be willing and excited to talk with other car enthusiasts about your car and ask questions about theirs.

Now is the best time to pull out your calendar and plan your summer vintage car show schedule. If you live in Michigan, summer is short, and you don’t want to miss a day to show off your car.

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