If you’ve never owned a vintage car and all you know about them is what you see on television, you may be in for a surprise when you buy your own. The vintage car professionals at Wrenchers LLC know there are pros & cons of vintage car ownership. They definitely know the pros and benefits far outweigh any challenges, and they feel an educated consumer is one who will reap the most benefit from their own vintage car or classic truck.

Keep in mind that many of the classic cars you see on television or even driving down the road have been restored and refurbished. Not all vintage cars are discovered in pristine, drive-ready condition. If you’re thinking about joining the ranks of vintage car owners, we want to help you make the best decision.

Pros & Cons Of Vintage Car Ownership

  1. We can’t sugarcoat it. Vintage and classic cars and trucks can be expensive. Depending on the body shape yours is in when you buy it, a full-body restoration can make a dent in your wallet. That being said, there is nothing like the feeling of sliding behind the wheel of your newly restored vintage car.
  2. Maintenance requirements. Not all cars are created equally, and that goes for vintage cars as well as new vehicles. As with anything you own, parts wear out. When it comes to vintage vehicles, the worn-out parts may be harder to come by and could cost you more than a replacement part for a newer vehicle. That being said… newer vehicle parts are not cheap.
  3. The joy of driving. There is nothing like tooling down the highway in your vintage vehicle. Heads turn, and envious glances are tossed your way. You’re all right with that though, because you know how much love – and money – you put into that baby, and you’re now enjoying it to the fullest. When you get behind the wheel, turn the key and hear the roar (or hum) of that engine, all is right in your world!
  4. Safety matters. Today’s cars are designed to keep passengers safe, especially from crashes. Airbags, seatbelts and other safety accessories help ensure you’re safe in the event of a crash. The vintage car you’re driving is not equipped with those safety measures. That means you need to be more of a defensive driver when you’re on the road. In truth, that might be why many vintage car owners are happy to stay close to home and show their cars off at classic car shows that are not far away.
  5. You’ll find “your people.” If you want to make new friends, drive a classic or vintage car. Other vintage car owners will strike up conversations, and you can share stories about your cars. People who don’t drive or own a classic will come up to you and just want to talk about you and your car. Vintage cars and classic trucks are conversation starters for sure.

There are certainly more pros and cons to owning a vintage vehicle, and the experience is different for every driver, but we have never spoken with a vintage truck or classic car owner who is anything but thrilled with their road-worthy baby.

If you have any questions about a frame-off restoration or are looking for further insights for protecting your classic car or truck, give us a call or stop by our shop.

At Wrenchers LLC, we are classic, antique and hot rod enthusiasts, and that shows in the craftsmanship of our vehicle restorations. Whether you choose a full frame-off, traditional restoration or custom work for your vehicle, our experienced restoration professionals listen to you and work on your vehicle with the same care they take with their own. When your keys are handed over and you slide behind the wheel after your car has been restored, you will be hitting the road in the vehicle of your dreams.