Wrenchers, LLC in Detroit, Michigan, pride themselves on the care and skill they have in frame-off restorations and exterior and interior restoration projects. The exterior of a vintage car certainly catches your attention when it’s tooling down the highway, but it’s the interior that the driver enjoys on that ride. There are 8 vintage vehicle interior restoration steps that we can take when we work with our customers to ensure their classic car restoration gives them the car of their dreams.

What are some of the interior restorations our vintage and classic car and truck professionals do for our customers? Here are 8 of the many we do and why.

  1. The interior of a classic car usually needs to have new life breathed into it as part of a restoration project. Restoring the interior is a journey into the life cycle of the vehicle. Our professionals blend artistry with craftsmanship, and we recapture the original splendor of your classic car.
  2. To correctly restore the interior of a vintage car or truck, the professional you work with must understand the era of your vehicle and the style of that era. A quality restoration requires an understanding of the materials, styles and colors. We research what the car’s original interior looked like and use that as a starting point.
  3. Before the project begins, we will assess the current condition and evaluate the upholstery, dashboard, door panels and carpeting. We are looking for signs of wear, tear or damage. Following the assessment, we prepare a restoration plan and let you know whether it’s possible to repair or refurbish the existing interior or if a complete replacement is necessary.
  4. When it comes to interior restoration, the reupholstering is one of the most significant and costly parts of an interior project. We will match the materials and design of the era, or the owner can choose their own materials to use to give their car its unique flair.
  5. So many vintage cars and trucks featured detailed woodwork and metal trim in the interior, and they can be restored if the vintage restoration shop you work with has the specialized skills and tools. Make certain you ask about the skills of the restoration pro.
  6. Because the dashboard and its instrument panel are the focal part of the interior, it could require replacing the gauges, knob and switches if the current ones cannot be refurbished. Functionality is also crucial to this part of the restoration – the speedometer, for example, needs to work correctly.
  7. The carpeting in a vintage car or truck typically requires replacement to improve the appearance of the interior.
  8. Modern upgrades and electrical repair and replacement are usually part of the interior restoration project. Many classic car purists want to embrace complete authenticity, and if that’s the case, make sure the restorer you’re working with will work with you, as some restorers want to incorporate modern safety conveniences.

8 Vintage Vehicle Interior Restoration Steps

There are bound to be cost overruns and challenges in the restoration project because until the vehicle has been dismantled, the vintage vehicle restorer won’t know about that until they are in the trenches of the restoration.

The restoration of a vintage vehicle is a labor of love and could make a dent in your restoration budget. The reward of this project is knowing your vehicle is a source of pride and beauty.

 If you have any questions about a frame-off restoration or are looking for further insights for protecting your classic car or truck, give us a call or stop by our shop.

At Wrenchers LLC, we are classic, antique and hot rod enthusiasts, and that shows in the craftsmanship of our vehicle restorations. Whether you choose a full frame-off, traditional restoration or custom work for your vehicle, our experienced restoration professionals listen to you and work on your vehicle with the same care they take with their own. When your keys are handed over and you slide behind the wheel after your car has been restored, you will be hitting the road in the vehicle of your dreams.